Friday, March 23, 2012

I Can Fake Kindness

(This is my first post on my new tablet. HOPEFULLY, paragraphs will be allowed. Fair warning, I still cannot seem to locate a spell check button.)

"How are you today, young lady." Her voice was gentle and kind like the grandmother she probably was. I continued with the transaction. Ringing up her purchase, bagging her item. It is almost effortless to be kind to someone kind to you.
"Do you have a larger bag I could have," she asked. Continuing to explain the item she purchased from a vendor and the inadequate bag he gave her.
"Of course I do!" I assure her reaching for a large plastic bag. Than I remember the gift with purchase reusable tote bags we have. She may not have purchased the target item, but her kind voice was enough to qualify, to me.
She was ecstatic at the brightly colored bag. She blessed me again and again and I really just enjoyed making her day.
I turned to my waiting audiance, my assistant manager, Jake and my friend, Bobby. Both standing in shock, mouths agape.
"See!I can fake kindness." I yell. Demonstrating a previous accusation.

Nice, is not a word used to describe me. I am perfectly ok with this. However, as I explore the world of online dating, men continually request women who are kind. This really put a kink in the whole thing, for me.
But, lets be serious here. If us women are known for an ability, its FAKING. We fake happiness at unexpected houseguests, we fake liking that family member, we fake being neighborly, we fake knowing whats really going on. And youre all waiting for me to say it, we fake orgasims. So, why not kindness?
But, here is my question.....isn't "fake" kindness still kindness?


  1. I know in retail I was like programed robots going above and beyond in customer service bcuz I wanted customers to return, and they often do. Often I had moments that I felt that stroke coming on and had to pretend a smile- a fake smile- only to have a customer say a kind word like I don't know how you do it, but I hope your day gets better. It is often returned when we least expect it. : ) I left you the sunshine award on my blog.

  2. fake kindness is way better than genuine meanness!!

  3. Fake kindness is okay as long as they don't find out. It's essential for the service/retail industry.

    Eventually one would hope that the habit would catch on and then it would become something natural and not forced.