Sunday, May 15, 2016

Liebster Award Answers, Questions and Nominees

This is my first one, and I'm a little excited. After a very busy week, I am happy to sit at the dinning table, coffee fresh, windows open and answer a few questions.

Thanks Dani

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  • What God or Deity from Mythology (Greek, Norse, etc) do you think represents you the best? Kali/Kali Ma/Kalika I love all her names. I actually have "Kalika" in Sanskrit tattooed on my neck. If Catholics have Patron Saints, Kali Ma is my Patron Goddess. She is a mother goddess, who has been referred to as Goddess of Time, Goddess of Creation, Goddess of Preservation and Goddess of Destruction. I feel she is greatly misunderstood. But, also, that she is a Goddess of change and I appreciate that she is not one sided. At different times in my life, I have related to her in different ways. 
  • Which book character would you want to be? Elizabeth Bennet. Of course. 
  • If you were to survive on your own in the wilderness, what ONE tool/weapon would you pick? I can not imagine a situation where I would survive in the wilderness for very long. However, I imagine instinct would kick in and I would give it a good try! I think a solid hunting knife would be my one tool of choice. 
  • What would your Superhero name be? Somewhere around 7 or 8 years ago, I wrote an outline for a comic book. The title "Silver" about a young, female, developing super hero. Silver, was to be here Superhero name. However, her name was "Ana Cara". A play off Anam Cara. In the comic, the young woman changes paths as she grows, experiences life, learns and understands more about herself. The color silver can be reflective. We sometimes also see it as a dark stormy color, or a bright glittery color. "Silver" would be my superhero name. 
  • What was your first concert? Ziggy Marley opened up for the B-52's. We had lawn tickets and it stormed while the concert continued. It was pretty epic. I was 16. 
  • How would you describe yourself in one word? Wonder
  • Name something from history which you would love to discover, explore or recover. The Palace Theater. I read an article about this. This poor theater from 1925 has since gone into ruin. But, even looking at the photos today and the condition it is in, I long to see it from its building, to its prime and even into its demise. 
  • Which era would you like to experience? The very beginning of the 1900's. 
  • If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, which would you choose? I hate this question. I am not the animal lover that many are. I don't long to fly with the freedom of a bird, or run with the speed of a cheetah, or swim into the depths of the oceans as a whale. I once joking answered, "a yeti". As it seems closest to the functions of a human I am use to. But, for this, after some mild consideration, I would say a cat. For all the obvious reasons. When I am in the mood to be an asshole, its expected. When I want to cuddle, its cute. 
  • Is there a movie you would like to give an alternate ending to? What ending do you have in mind and why? The ending of the first Thor movie drives me nuts! And probably not for the reason you would expect. I have never read the comic, so I had no expectations. But, I would have liked to see Thor throw it all away and stay on Earth with Natalie Portmans character. 
  • Name one thing you'd like to improve on. I was comically rude and a bitch for many years. Its how I am known. I was an unhappy person and reveled in it. Quite a few years ago, I decided to be happy and made small changes every day to change my perspective. Those around me on a daily basis see this. I love me, now. I absolutely love who I am! But, I have lately realized that those I am around much less are not use to seeing that happy person. Sadly, I revert back. As it seems easier to "play the old me" than to try and convince them how thats just not me anymore. I want to improve upon being me in any and all situations. 

11 Random Facts About Me. 

1. The first three letters of my first and last name both, spell sin. My middle name is Eve. (My parents probably thought they were funny.) 
2. I own three dinning tables. I just can't quite find the right one. 
3. I collect post cards. 
4. Spider-Man is my favorite Superhero. But, Mary Jane Watson is my favorite comic book character. 
5. I only buy wedding magazines and travel magazines. 
6. One day I visited Gettysburg for a few hours and fell so in love with it, it broke my heart to leave. 
7. I'm taking my first vacation this summer. 
8. I spelled "grateful" wrong for YEARS! And thought everyone else was spelling it wrong. 
9. Designing and sewing quilts is my stress relief. 
10. I love living alone. 
11. Periwinkle is my favorite color. I think the word is pretty great, too. 

Nominations (Oh no. Do I know 5 people with a blog?!): 

Sadly all my other followers have either been tagged already or have not blogged in over a year. I am a sad little beginner blogger with no friends. LOL. 

Here are your 11 questions (All two of you): 
  • Who is your favorite reindeer of Santas?
  • If you had to view everything through a single color filter, for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?
  • If you had to give up one of todays electronic devices which would it be? (Cell phone, computer, television, eat.) 
  • (This was a question for Dani, but I thought it was too great not to use.) If you could save the human race from extinction, hypothetically, would you do it and why or why not?
  • If you could go back to high school graduation and choose a new career path, what would i be?
  • What is your favorite quote and how did you discover it?
  • You have to move, where would you go?
  • What is your favorite memory with a grandparent?
  • Who would be your celebrity "husband"?
  • Out of all of the issues right now fighting for fruition within our countries government, which ONE would you choose to succeed and why?
  • Which quote do you relate to more:

“It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” - Hugh Laurie 


"Don't rush things. If something is going to happen, it'll happen at the right time, with the right person and for the right reason." -Unknown

Monday, May 2, 2016

To Ring or Not To Ring

    I have previous experience with the dating site I am currently using. I very successfully used the same site for three months in another city. At the time, I remember, it took me a good week to realize that to get the most out of it, I was going to have to treat it, like a part time job. That was exhausting. Especially since, at the time, my full time job was around 55 hours a week or more.
    Therefore, I went into this year commitment with the understanding, to a degree, you get out what you put into online dating. Unfortunately, that has proven true so far. A very busy week, or has it been two, has kept me off the site. Not only that, but I did connect with one man for the last two weeks. Our schedules were both impossible. Two working adults, him also going to school and still having children at home with multi sport games to attend and my out of town travel plans, daughter in college visits and the like, made it impossible for us to go on a date. After two weeks, I put the kibosh on it. Not, however, for the reason you would think.
    Simply because my life is not fun enough already, which of course it isn't! My guy BFF (if you're coming from  Bouquet of Books this is the BFF that helped with comic book covers) has professed his feelings for me. This isn't out of nowhere, we dated years ago. Although, I wasn't immediately interested, something is changing every day.
    But, I have yet to turn my back on my one year of online dating project. (See how it has gone from a "commitment" to a "project"?) I'm already preparing an excuse for myself. Just like every day that I did not take the time to log in, I kept telling myself, I have a year.
    All of that aside, which trust me, could lead into a very juicy story, the topic of the day is....... wedding bands. Here are two little stories about wedding bands and what they mean to a single girl.

    When I worked in retail, I had this hot male assistant. Not just attractive, but full package kind of guy. Great guy, talent, hard worker, responsible, his girl friend was one lucky girl. We became best friends, working together for many years and I watched his girl friend become his fiancĂ©, his wife, and than the mother of his child. And if I thought he was hot before........... Well, just put a wedding band on the man. Ladies, you all know what I am talking about. An attractive man is even more so, when he is idling fiddling with that gold band around his left ring finger. Something about it. Yum!

    Yesterday was my sister and brother-in-laws anniversary. They are the couple you want to be. The perfect couple thats realistically perfect in all their imperfections. In all their imperfect perfectness, my sister does not wear her wedding ring. A few years back, it broke needing repair and conversations about replacement versus repair, plus costs and her job isn't easy on her hands, the decision is continually delayed. My sister is, however, one of those women who does not need a wedding ring. She is so obviously in love and married. They both are. And though, I love that people are so committed to their spouse and oblivious of others that they don't even need a ring, theres a flip side.

    I was in one of my stores the other day talking with a customer. An attractive, nice, personality for days kind of guy. The conversation was related to why he ventured into one of my stores, so it was never inappropriate and although he was friendly and charismatic, I couldn't quite tell if he was flirty or not. He wore no ring, so I began pushing the envelope just a little. And than he drops the "w" word. "Wife." Really? As I said, the conversation never turned to anything I would deem inappropriate by a married man, however, his personality had me hoping that a little flirting is the direction it would head. But, he is apparently, one of those guys that simply doesn't need a wedding ring. He conducts himself in that easy going, but obvious of other women way.
    As a single girl out and about, how I am suppose to know, without some continued conversation, that you are wedding ringless, but married? Guys, help us single ladies out and put a ring on your taken finger. Please!